Rupees – British India 19th & 20th century

close up East India Co Rupee 1835 reverse

Following up on the previous post, here we have photos showing examples from the 1800s, early 1900s and a WWII era quarter for the KGVI head. The Indian rupee is a coin type with many varieties and if you're interested in those I can recommend – lots of photos and all the gory details! … Continue reading Rupees – British India 19th & 20th century

Images of Victoria in Australia

UK Halfcrowns, Crown and a Shilling UK Halfcrown QV 'Old Veiled Bust' 1900 Spink# 3938 Halfcrown 1900 obvHalfcrown 1900 rev Note 'pitting' over the portrait around the throat. The preserved level of detail both sides is nice! UK Crown QV 'Jubilee Bust' 1890 Spink# 3921 Crown 1890 obvCrown 1890 rev Lovely large coin in top … Continue reading Images of Victoria in Australia

1890s silver still currency (!)

UK Crown QV 1890 revUK Crown QV 1890 obv UK Crown QV 1890 Spink# 3921 It's not often that you find late 19th century silver coins that still form part of a country's currency today but this is one. According to numista (one of my favourite coin websites) this crown is still spendable within the … Continue reading 1890s silver still currency (!)

Double florin definitely Aussie!

UK Double Florin 1887-1890 UK 1887 Double Florin rev Roman "I" in dateUK 1887 Double Florin obv UK 1888 Double Florin rev Arabic "1" in dateUK 1888 Double Florin obv What exactly made up the coinage of Australia prior to 1910 is a pretty complicated topic, let's say a fertile area if you're really into … Continue reading Double florin definitely Aussie!