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(This table includes links to photos of the exact coin, where they are available.)

Country/CoinGradeSold for A$
Australia, florin 1910aVG (VG10)28
Australia, florin 1914HVG (F12-15)50
Australia, florin 1915F (VF20-25)150
Australia, florin 1918MVG (F12-15)25
Australia, florin 1926F (VF20-25)25
Australia, florin 1931F (VF20-25)20
Australia, florin 1933F (VF20-25)60
Australia, florin 1940EF (AU55-58)38
Australia, florin 1956aUnc+ (AU58/MS60)85
Australia, crown 1937EF (AU55-58)65
Australia, crown 1938EF (AU55-58)265
Australia, crown 1938EF (AU55-58)250
Canada, dollar 1967Unc (MS62-64)50
France, 5 francs 1808BF (VF20-25)85
Germany, thaler 1871 commEF (AU55)95
Germany, 2 marks 1939BaUnc (AU55-58)25
Germany, 2 marks 1939AEF (AU55-58)25
Germany, 5 marks 1935FaUnc (AU55-58)40
Germany, 5 marks 1936AEF (AU55-58)40
Mexico, peso 1900 AMVF (XF40-45)60
Mexico, 5 pesos 1953Unc (MS62-64)38
UK, crown 1891F (VF20-25)55
UK, half crown 1910F (VF20-25)25
UK, half crown 1925aF (F15-VF20)25
UK, shilling 1887F (VF20-25)20
USA, dollar 1903-PEF (AU55-58)130
USA, dollar 1928-S(VF20-25)50
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