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Australian Florin Grading Guide ( lots of photos )

Some of the images are of professionally graded coins – slabbed coins from PCGS or NGC, otherwise the assessment is by g559-5668, following the ANDA Guide together with a reference set of PCSG and NGC coins for comparison.

It’s worth pointing out that all the coin photos on the site are taken with the same camera settings under similar lighting ( for details see New Light Source 1943 Dutch Guilder photos, or blog posts – coin photography )

Care Required!

There are different systems in use which can cause confusion because the same words might actually mean different things, checkout ‘Avoiding costly mistakes’ to see what that’s about – more on the two main systems used in Australia below.


Australian Grades (EF, Unc, etc) – The Australian Numismatic Dealer’s Association – includes a pdf file which in addition to illustrations also provides written descriptions of the different coin grades using the Australian Adjectival System.

Although a great resource, it is limited in that only the KGV coins are dealt with.

‘International’ Sheldon Scale Grades (AU58, MS64, etc) – an online coin collector’s forum.

Includes a quality thread on the Sheldon 70 point grading scale.

The thread contains plenty of background and detail – important because the Sheldon scale forms the foundation for the coin condition standards used by 3rd party grading services.

3rd party Grading Scales (PCGS, NGC)

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Page links:Aus FlorinsANDASheldon Scale

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