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First of all, let me say a big ‘thankyou!’ for checking out my blog!

The pre1946silver.com blog/website is really a natural outcome of my continuing exploration of the world of coins and currency. It’s an evolving thing, if you know what I mean…

When I first started I couldn’t find any site that provided the kind of information I was looking for and so this is my ongoing attempt to offer up stuff that is relevant and useful to collectors.

Of course the site reflects my own interests, but as those are quite varied, I’m hopeful that others will find worthwhile things here.

I certainly hope that you do!

Site Structure

The site is divided into two basic areas – there’s the blog and then coins available for sale; mainly silver – mostly from Australia, the US and the UK with other countries mixed in here and there.

At this point, the preference is for sterling silver or thereabouts, so, for example, there’s very little UK stuff after 1920 and the majority (but not all) of the Australian is 1945 or earlier.

Here’s a brief selection of quick links to the ‘For Sale’ section of the site:

see New For Sale ListingsUK silver coinsAustralian CrownsAustralian Shillings

Ongoing improvements


The site now runs WooCommerce as the ‘back end’, enabling you to setup a free account, receive discount coupons and access a wide range of payment options.

Offers and other specials

There are regular offers available to pre1946silver account holders, typically a 15% discount on selected items for a particular month.

Account holders are sent an email as soon as an offer begins.


Sometimes finding the information you want is a lot harder than it should be, so in the interests of trying to make stuff more accessible there are updates being made to the organisation of the archived material.

In addition to a basic all-posts listing, there is now the beginnings of a “Descriptive Archive” – it covers the post categories Australia and Australian Florins as well as Grading Coins at the moment, but with images, post titles and short excerpts is a whole lot better – especially if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for (on the other hand, if you have a good idea then I’d recommend the search boxes).

That’s pretty much it as far as structure goes.


The blog covers a wide range of topics – you’ll find posts discussing coin photography, pricing and grading in addition to book reviews (not just references), and of course pieces concerned with ‘cool’ coins.

For me, at the moment (!), that means the coinage of Australia’s early days – from settlement up until 1910, when the first Commonwealth coins came out – and that could be just about anything…sort of world silver 1750-1900…

Anyway, it’s all out there…enjoy…

Happy Collecting!


Here’s a brief selection of quick links to a few of the Blog categories:

pre 1910 coinsUSA coinscoin condition/quality

Updates & Maintenance

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