Added Site Functionality

I’ve been burning the midnight oil – moonlighting as the saying goes – and have been able to add this stuff to the site:


You can now choose (you don’t have to) to have an account, which offers some benefits that you may want to take advantage of.

It is, of course, entirely up to you!


Fairly detailed information with links to more information about how the site works going forward. The plan is to constantly update the FAQ by posts, so the content remains relevant and useful.

Frankly, I’ve learned a lot, particularly on the payment processing side (I’m naturally suspicious) and, really, am a bit shocked that so many other sites do not explain this very important part of doing business online.

I now know more than I probably wanted to about how sensitive payment information is handled so as to ensure it is securely managed – the point is that I have drilled down to my own satisfaction and am confident of being able to say that your data is safe here, ditto with your private stuff, too.

That’s just another way of saying that I’m paying for a third party service and I simply have to be sure that I’m getting my money’s worth! (There are links included for you to chase down if you really want to get to grips with the subject…)

Privacy Policy

My attitude is this: I’d like you to be able to confidently search my site for a coin that you’re interested in, and go ahead and buy it.

For that to happen you need to provide me with payment and shipping details. Apart from that, there is no need for us to get better acquainted(!) … you know where I’m coming from ?

Also, from time to time, some coins will be offered at a reduced price to spruik interest in the site and, well, just to move them on when I’m sick of having them around – which requires a way of contacting you to let you know what (infrequently, I might add!) is discounted.

What I mean is that your personal information is not of interest to me other than ensuring that you get the coin you want at a price we’re both happy with.

So you will not be bombarded with heaps of email seeking to influence you to buy, nor will your email be sent to all and sundry (personally, I detest that spam and will not contribute to it).

Welcome to international customers (US, Canada, UK, NZ & Japan)

And, finally, the big news is that having forked out for the software and ‘backend upgrades’, it is now possible to exercise a bit of control over everyone’s least loved cost – shipping… anyway the site is now open for business to not only Australia, but also the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Japan.

Shipping costs are what they are, I certainly can’t do anything much about them and no money is made on it – but at least you can see what it would all cost in your own currency now and make your own decision as to whether it’s worthwhile or not.

I like to think that my asking prices are competitive from the outset, still, market conditions change – there’s no doubt about that!

Still a lot to do…

Right now, only the Australian crowns have made it into the all-new for sale section of the site – rest assured the other coins will join the party asap (you can still buy them via the old format of listing which includes PayPal and, occasionally, stripe payment links).

In the meantime….

Thankyou for reading and Happy Collecting!