UK silver pricing KEVII (1902-10)

UK KEVII (1902-10) ‘big’ silver; shillings, florins, half crowns, crowns

These are an interesting set of coins, there’s not too many to collect and a few are quite rare and reasonably expensive – nice coins to have! I reckon they look good, too…

The crown was only issued in the first year, 1902.


The key date for the other ‘large’ ( shilling and bigger ) silver coins appears to be 1905 ,with coins produced then commanding high and impressive premiums in all grades.

Half Crown

Half crowns in particular are pricey, but it seems that the asking price across the range of coin types is coming down; still, a low mintage of only 166,000 for a 1905 half crown means they will still cost a pretty penny, whatever happens!

Estimated Value

Here are the details for examples in VF, or XF40 on the Sheldon scale:

YearKrause 2007Spink 2014T Clayton 2021
Crown1902USD 125GBP 150GBP 150
Half Crown1905USD 1200GBP 1750GBP 1400
1903USD 725GBP 625GBP 550
1904USD 450GBP 325GBP 225
Florin1905USD 600GBP 200GBP 200
1908USD 200GBP 55GBP 55
1909USD 150GBP 50GBP 50
1904USD 125GBP 45GBP 45
Shilling1905USD 650GBP 200GBP 300
1908USD 90GBP 55GBP 25
1909USD 90GBP 55GBP 22
Price estimates of UK KEVII silver, 2007-2021

Happy Collecting!