An Overview of Australian QEII Florins

Appearance & ValueLow Mintage(s)Key Date(s)Typeset Options

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KM# 54 (1953-54)

KM# 60 (1956-1963)

Appearance & Value

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If we forget for the moment that there are ‘commemorative coins’, then there are two standard coin types in the Australian Queen Elizabeth II florin series.

They differ in the design of the ‘heads’ side – the initial design dropped the “F:D:” in the legend, and then, from 1956 to the end of the series in 1963 the “F:D:” was included – as it had been, well since the first 1910 florin.

None were made in 1955, all the coins produced were 50% silver, so it’s 6 coins per troy ounce ASW or near enough as makes no difference!

Having said that, these are nice coins to look at in good grade and there are a couple that stand out for one reason or another…

Low Mintage Year

Production of these florins in the early 1950s started high for Australia; from 1956 it dropped by slightly less than half to some 8 MM per year before hitting the lowest mintage for the series at 3.5 MM for the 1959.

1st of the series

Despite having a middle sized mintage of around 8 MM, the 1956 is the key date and is an expensive coin in high grade – perhaps because it was the first of the new type.

Typeset Options

Typeset collectors would need an example of each. The options for the earlier type (KM# 54) lie in only two years.

In contrast, for the later version, the years 1956-63 are all available so there’s plenty of choice and it’s certainly not impossible to still come across a really nice one!

Happy Collecting!