Price Guide 2021 – a smattering of Australian & World Silver Coins

Getting a handle on the changing values of silver coins is a tough task – nobody wants to undersell and of course, no-one wants to overpay either…ideally it’s a case of happy buyer and happy seller, certainly that’s the aim here at…

As to which coins are headed for a price increase, well I guess we all wish we knew!

Hard data

Anyway, below are results sourced from online sales I’ve completed over the last year – the price is in Aussie dollars and inclusive of delivery.

Sincere thanks to all the buyers – your business is very much appreciated.


By the way, if you’d like to see images of the sold coin in question just use the search box ( at the top left of the home page, and bottom right of all pages ) and include “sold” in the search text – they will pop up nice and quick.

Alternatively you could scroll through the category “Recent Sales”!

2021 Sales Results – World Silver Coins

Australian predecimal silver

CoinGradePrice (AUD)
Australian Crown Sales Results 2021
CoinGradePrice (AUD)
Australian Florin Sales Results 2021

UK predecimal silver

CoinGradePrice (AUD)
1891 CrownF60
1910 Half CrownF25
1925 Half CrownaF30
1887 ShillingF18
UK Predecimal Silver Sales Results 2021

World Silver

CoinGradePrice (AUD)
Canada “Goose” Dollar 1967Unc50
Germany 2 Reichsmarks 1939AEF+25
Germany 5 Reichsmarks “Hindenburg” 1936AEF40
Mexico Peso 1900 AMaVF60
Mexico 5 Pesos “Hidalgo” 1953Unc38
US Peace Dollar 1928-SVF20-2550
Venezuela 2 Bolivars 1960aUnc12
World Silver Sales Results 2021

Happy Collecting!

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