Price point – best 4 Aussie florins for around $100

Today we’re looking at predecimal silver coins – I’d say medium sized, and saying that for the sake of example the available funds are about a hundred bucks… so wonder which ones could be worth that…or more!


Anyway, to save argument let’s just have a quick look at some Renniks value estimates and see what turns up. These coins may very well not be in the $100 category…but we’ll get a data point.

Looks like we’re in low grade coins, right around Fine (the 1911 and ’13 in the photos are even lower!):

YearGrade25th Ed estimate30th Ed estimate
Australian Florin value estimates (Renniks)

Ok, so this source figures there’s been no real change which is a bit disappointing but at least they haven’t gone down.

In fact my feeling is that the ’13 and ’15H are realistically going for a bit more, my experience is that they are tough coins even in this admittedly low grade.

Mind you, if I could snag any of these in F (on this budget) – no rim nicks, even wear both sides – clear “ADVANCE AUSTRALIA” together with reasonable definition over the band of the crown on the obverse ( six clearly separated pearls would be good )- mmm, I’d reckon that’d be worthwhile.

Wouldn’t be a fantastic coin by any means but not all that bad and difficult to come by…might even keep it !

Happy Collecting!

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