Rupees – British India 19th & 20th century

Following up on the previous post, here we have photos showing examples from the 1800s, early 1900s and a WWII era quarter for the KGVI head.

The Indian rupee is a coin type with many varieties and if you’re interested in those I can recommend – lots of photos and all the gory details!

Queen Victoria

In the first year of issue, 1862, there were apparently 11 main varieties and as many as 42 different combinations all up..!

The extent of my research on this coin was to note that in the date it has a “flat top 1” and all the other major variations feature a slanted “1”.

This makes it a coin of the Madras Presidency and it may well have been made in 1863, too, but we’ll never know!

Edward VII

The designs both sides changed with the new monarch and up to 1920 was produced in sterling silver.

George VI

And here’s an Indian KGVI quarter rupee…by this time everything was .500 fine only.

Interesting stuff!

Happy Collecting!

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