Which are the most valuable Australian Shillings?

This post is pretty much an addition to an earlier one that dealt with florins.

That earlier post also addressed some other related topics including ways to approach grading and pricing as well as things worth considering generally when putting a value on coins in your collection.

Anyway, the focus here is that you’re interested in getting a handle on which Aussie shillings might have any serious investment potential.

The two tables below provide some basic information, a little bit out of date but still relevant and a good place to start!

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Top Ten Shillings (in aUnc, by estimate)

CoinMintageRenniks Estimate
11915B H u/date500,000$5,750 in aUNC

21933220,000$5,250 in aUNC

31915L800,000$3,250 in aUNC

41921 S star520,000$3,000 in aUNC

51912L1,000,000$2,600 in aUNC

61913L1,200,000$2,000 in aUNC

71924670,000$1,850 in aUNC

81928660,000$1,450 in aUNC

91920M M u/date1,640,000$1,250 in aUNC

101922M2,040,000$700 in aUNC
Top ten Australian Shillings (by estimate in aUnc) according to Renniks 2015

The 10 Lowest Mintage Shillings

CoinMintageRenniks Estimate
11933220,000$5,250 in aUNC

21934480,000$525 in aUNC

31915B h u/date500,000$5,750 in aUNC

41935500,000$325 in aUNC

51921 S star520,000$3,000 in aUNC

61928660,000$1,450 in aUNC

71924670,000$1,850 in aUNC

81940760,000$425 in aUNC

91915L800,000$3,250 in aUNC

101912L1,000,000$2,600 in aUNC
Top ten Australian Shillings (by mintage in aUnc) according to Renniks 2015

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