A Spanish Dollar…5/-

1802 FT Colonial Spain 8 Reales, Mexico mint, KM# 109

These types of coins, they made heaps!…(this one is a Type 8 Carolus IIII) are examples of an internationally accepted trade coin, being .903 silver fineness and around the 27 g mark in weight.

They hail from a time when large amounts of specie from Colonial Spain facilitated global trade by circulating freely and being widely accepted! Most of the coins made were these large 8 Reales – the smaller denominations I think include 4, 2 and 1…anyway they were produced in much less quantity.

A piece of eight like the one in the photos is pretty much what was used to make the Australian Holey Dollar – which I guess is the king of Early Australian coins to collect.

Definitely a hard to get coin, that one!!!

Before all that got going, coins like this formed part of the currency of the British colonies, including Australia, probably from settlement since they rate a mention in Governor King’s Proclamation of November 19th, 1800.

Happy Collecting!

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