Photography – high grade Morgan Dollar

Lighting makes the difference

I found this to be an interesting exercise – it took a bit more than anticipated to finally get decent shots!

The main adjustment involved going to a single light source after stuffing around with various spot angles using two. All the other camera settings stayed the same as usual.

It’s a challenge to photograph lovely large silver coins like this – highly reflective, lustrous examples that fall into the ‘uncirculated’, or MS grade. I reckon it’s sometimes best to provide a set of ‘close up’ and ‘far away’ images to better capture the lustre…although, funnily enough I don’t think it made a great deal of difference this time.

Anyway, here’s the sequence, beginning with close ups:

Some ‘far away’ shots:

And then the ones I settled on as best representing the coin in hand (what I called in an earlier post ‘true to life‘ !).

Happy Collecting!