Full tone florin is Very Fine

1928 Australian KGV Florin, KM# 27

Here’s a solid looking florin, sterling silver and evenly toned both sides. If you look more closely you can see that there are some minor nicks around the rims; but a clear “ADVANCE AUSTRALIA” and good detail on the King’s portrait look promising … ( the crown band still has the central diamond and half a dozen pearls ) … though, obviously, it’s not the more common shiny look!


In some cases toning really adds to the desirability of the piece, but for me the even coating – like that in the pictures – is neither here nor there, especially since it’s completely covering any remaining lustre.

Often people don’t mind the fact that the coin has toned, still the kind of look the toning gives to the coin is not only variable, but also very much a personal preference.

Wear and tear

As well as the uniform patina, this particular coin also experienced even wear to end up in VF condition, probably around XF45 on the Sheldon scale, which is a nice presentable grade for these I think. (Of course it’s nice to have them in even better nick, but there are a lot to collect if you’re going for the whole set!)

Interestingly, it’s the last of the 1920s Aussie florins – in addition to 1929, the other years missed in the KGV florin series were 1920 and 1930…


Depending on who you consult, a ’28 like this should fetch around the A$40 mark these days – which suggests that they are relatively easy to get a hold of for the moment.

Happy Collecting!