Austria Maria Theresia Thaler 1780 (Restrike)

I heard/read somewhere that many of these were restruck in 1915 and apparently the Arabs had a bit to do with it – what to make of that, I don’t know…how recently they’ve been restruck, I also don’t know!

Still, they’re a crown sized .833 fine silver piece – I like to stack them!

I think you get just under 28g of silver in each coin – they come in proofs, too, and are a treat when in top condition. The proof version of the coins features mirror fields and a frosted design.


Most samples marked 1780 are restrikes produced in Wien till 1853. Variations on the central shield and on the brooch allow to date approximately. Coins struck in 1780 are very rare. See

0.7515 oz ASW
Previously KM#1971

An attractive looking coin overall -the heraldry in the design of the reverse is nice, the particular monarch was part of the Habsburg dynasy, if I remember right.

They often attract a premium above melt value so I reckon they’re worth a punt on the spot price going forward, provided you can get them at a good price…

Happy Collecting!

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