Stories from the WA outback…

Colourful Tales of the Western Australian Goldfields, by Norma King

I think I’m really very lucky to have a copy of this in hardback with a complete dustcover, although a little battered.

Published in 1980 by Rigby, the author also completed the title “Nickel Country – Gold Country” which sounds really interesting too – would love to have a copy, but anyway – we have this.


I always like a book with good pics and this doesn’t disappoint – nice black and white reproductions at regular intervals throughout the text.


Taken together the tales recreate life in the goldfields and detail events and happenings from the late 19th century through to more modern times.

Plenty from original sources, another tick for me – in fact there are over 20 chapters and each is a well written and researched story that illustrates aspects of life in WA at that time.


The total package is appealing, I have a lot of respect for this author, there’s a lot of work here.

Not for those chasing a corporate overview or analysis, more like ‘tell it how it is’ and so this is what happened all those years ago…

There’s gold in them thar hills!

Happy Reading!

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