Indian Quarter Rupee

Here’s a beaut little coin I managed to pick up recently – it’s an Indian Quarter Rupee of all things and in really top condition, too, which is always nice!

It’s a small coin, sixpence sized I’d say, and 1940, quite late really so could only be 50% fine silver content….I just checked numista ( only 50% silver ) and it’s a single year issue, which is interesting – but they literally made tens of millions of them!

The obverse shows KGVI wearing a crown. This one has a bead below the lower flower on the reverse, indicating it came from the Bombay mint…

You know, nice pickup – pity it wasn’t bigger – but then again, nevermind because it’s a fine example!

I always enjoy coming across coins like this in albums, you never know what you might get!

Happy Collecting!

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