“Diamond – The History of a Cold-Blooded Love Affair”, by Matthew Hart, 2002


Here’s another cool book which at first glance may not appear to be of any use to coin collectors…but it turns out that it includes a run down of the origin of De Beers – the era of Cecil Rhodes and Barney Barnato (I kid you not!). So we can learn about the 1870s period in South Africa which is pretty useful.

Kimberlite pipes ?!

The book continues through to cover a time when an emerging understanding of the geology associated with diamond formation started informing people’s business decisions. It’s epic.


Definitely a good read and the package goes up in my estimation because it does include plenty of black and white pics, some pretty interesting ones too!

Anyway, the author tells a good story and backs it up with heaps of useful information – awesome.

Happy Reading!

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