US 1921 Peace Dollar – High Relief

US Peace Dollar, KM# 150 – 1921 vs 1923 ‘normal relief’ –

One of a kind…

This is an interesting coin on account of it being the first in the series with the added distinction of ‘high relief’ production – the design for the ’21s was apparently double stamped to make it stand out.

As you can see it made for a fairly spectacular looking coin, but unfortunately this practice was discontinued from 1922 because it was found that the ’21s wouldn’t stack nicely…(that’s what I heard/read somewhere)

The coins pictured are both in good high grade – the 1923 is ‘normal relief’ as was used for the rest of the series.

What can I say – lovely, large silver coins – the ’21 is worth a pretty penny, too!

Happy collecting!

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