“Australia’s Early Whalemen”, by Margaret and Colin Kerr, Rigby 1980

Interesting Find

I came across this hardback at a library sale – it’s complete with the dust jacket in pretty good condition (maybe only a few people borrowed it!), but, of course, being an ex-library item it may not appeal to some collectors…


It’s very nicely written with illustrations including old photos on practically every page, lots of quotes from original sources in the text, too! It has potential to be a veritable treasure trove of coin related information, that’s what has me excited.

For example – from reading, we can glean that as early as 1801, American whalers were active in the Australian region and, it turns out, so were the French…interesting…late 1700s French coins, mmm…

Even better is US stuff of that era!


To make things even more interesting this wonderful tome contains many details regarding the development of Great Britain’s whaling interests in the Southern Fishery from 1801.

Naturally I would highly recommend owning a copy as part of your reference library because there’s truth in that old adage ‘Best to buy the book before you buy the coin’!

Happy Collecting!

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