Photography – getting the lustre on a coin right

It’s always an issue when presenting coins online via photos as to how to realistically represent the lustre. You can easily overdo it by blowing the shot right out, silver being so reflective.

To show you what I mean, here is a set of photos of a late Australian florin in top notch condition, all nice and shiny ( the gory details are: 1959 QEII in Unc… shame about the contact marks on the nose!).

As you can see there’s a real difference when you zoom in, even with all the other settings staying the same – I think maybe not as much light is going through the lens at high magnification…

Anyway, it’s the same coin with the same lighting setup – and I think you’d agree that you need both the ‘close up’ to see wear ( not a lot here ), and, the ‘low zoom’ shot to get a better idea of the coin’s lustre.

I mean, if you only saw the close shots you might not really get how shiny the coin actually is….

… and this is important for people that want to know exactly how shiny the coin is!

Happy Collecting!