Images of Victoria in Australia

UK Halfcrowns, Crown and a Shilling

UK Halfcrown QV ‘Old Veiled Bust’ 1900 Spink# 3938

Note ‘pitting’ over the portrait around the throat. The preserved level of detail both sides is nice!

UK Crown QV ‘Jubilee Bust’ 1890 Spink# 3921

Lovely large coin in top grade!

The same obverse appears on the Double-Florins ( 2 date types ) produced around this time.

UK Halfcrown QV ‘Young Head’ 1845 Spink# 3888

The obverse here is so worn that all you can really tell is that it’s one of the early portraits of Victoria but not much detail has been preserved!

At least the other side shows some of the coat of arms and all the lettering. No edge nicks which I think is always nice.

UK Shilling QV ‘Young Head’ 1873 Spink# 3906A

Here is a better example of a similar obverse from later in the era, the gory details being that this is the 3rd ‘Young Head’ type but I’m stuffed if I can easily see the differences between the three…

Happy Collecting!

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