1887 Double Florin

Date Varieties

Following up on this earlier post, today we checkout the difference in the dates between the two coins. The two types are respectively, ‘Roman 1 in date’, or, ‘Arabic 1 in date’!

Another variety…

There’s also an ‘inverted 1 for I in VICTORIA’ in 1888 examples only, which I think is quite a bit harder to come by (and not shown!).

Toned vs With lustre

Anyway, in addition to the date, the coins in the pictures also share similar levels of wear – they’re roughly the same but with the large difference of toning or lustre. I have a feeling that probably most people would prefer the shiny example – I know I do!

To be fair this pair shows a pretty heavily toned coin, but it’s a variety and not all that bad…

Happy collecting!

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