Raw Coin: Standard 1928 Australian florin in F

This appears to me as one of the unloved KGV Australian florins, which means it should be gettable in EF but I haven’t actually seen any like that recently!


The coin in the photos comes up as being in solid Fine condition – VF20-25 on the Sheldon scale.

On the reverse “ADVANCE AUSTRALIA” is almost all there and the obverse shows reasonable preservation of the band of the crown and contents. Rims both sides are not too bad which for me is pretty important, I don’t really go for edge bumps and nicks.

Not so common any more…

Anyway,..over the last few years it’s become increasingly difficult to source ‘honest’ KGV florins like this, so I think they’re getting harder to come across. They are what they are and, you know, it’s acceptable for this era of coin, although you can still get them in better nick.

Depends what you like –

Mind you, recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been going for coins in worse condition, still definitely attributable for what they are…the difference is those coins mostly have a ’17’ to start the date. One thing about collecting a flat, worn and heavily circulated coin is that it is more than likely not going to be a fake!

Happy Collecting!

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