New light source – 1898 UK Trade Dollar photos

I’ve got an English Trade Dollar, a special issue made to facilitate trading in Asia around the late 19th century. It’s a beaut little coin which is in pretty good but not fantastic condition and I wanted to see how the new light globe performs.

Nothing much about the camera setup has changed since 2018, still using these basic settings with a much lower ISO – nowadays it’s ISO 100.

These photos were the result of using two types of lighting. The new addition is a background source of ‘cool daylight’ (6500K). Also on hand was my trusty halogen desktop spotlight, directed at an angle onto the coin.

My preference is for the shots with cool daylight only. Adding the halogen spot is just a bit much, although it does bring out the lustre a bit more. Probably the next thing would be to have a similar spot as the background…

Anyway I’m pretty happy with the results at this point!

Happy Collecting!